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Does Hypnosis Work? You Betcha!

I had a weight loss client who gave me very strange feedback.  She had come in originally in a total depressed funk, couldn’t lose weight, couldn’t get motivated, couldn’t stick to a food plan.  Had tried and failed numerous times.  Feeling lousy and lacking confidence in herself.

We did some fantastic work, and she began shifting her thinking and her habits.  Eating less, feeling more motivated to exercise, choosing healthy, feeling happier in her life and more empowered.  I was very pleased with our work.

I called her to follow up with her a month or so after her last session (she had a total of 3 with me).  She said (amazingly):

“I’m sad to say the hypnosis didn’t work.  I’ve lost 29 pounds so far and I feel super confident that I’m going to achieve everything I want for my healthy life and lose all the weight I want.  But it’s nothing to do with the hypnosis.  It’s just that my nutritionist found me a good food plan, and it’s so easy and automatic for me to stick with it, that’s why I’m doing so well and losing all the weight I want…”

Here she is describing exactly the success we’d been working on creating and telling me “it didn’t work.”  The hypnosis absolutely DID work.  Minus 29 pounds is amazing success!!  And the hypnosis is still working.  She had food plans before, they didn’t help her.  Changing her thinking/feeling/doing helped her.

I’ve run into this before.  In some people the conscious mind is blind to changes and wants to think it’s something else (besides hypnosis) that accounts for success.  Hypnosis is what allowed her to STICK on the food plan, and in such a graceful and easy manner.  Hypnosis done well leads to changes that feel automatic and easy.

I do hypnosis well.  I wrote back to her congratulating her on her success.  🙂

Does hypnosis work?  Amazingly well, and often in so powerful and streamlined a manner that you forget how life used to be.

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