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The Art of Successful Thinking – That’s NLP

The Power of Yet
The Power of Yet

Happy 2012!  It’s a new year.

Yesterday I was talking to someone who didn’t have a clue what hypnosis is or NLP is (Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™) or what hypnotherapy is or even a very positive view of the human mind and human capabilities.  They said they thought I help “losers who need their hand held while they whine.”  Uh, no.  Gutter ball!

#1.  There are no “losers,” there are people who feel stuck because they perceive limited choices in certain contexts.  #2.  This isn’t about story telling or hand-holding, it’s about life change and behavioral change.  NOW.

NLP is my primary tool. It’s the study of successful thinking.  How successful people do what they do, dissecting their UN-conscious strategies that lead to desired outcomes.  We ALL can create new strategies that lead to success, and change our behaviors, our thinking, our lives.  We all can model excellence.  An easy way to do this is through hypnosis and NLP.

Hypnosis is simply a method of accessing more or your own mind’s power and creativity and flexibility.  When there’s a “problem,” there’s a strategy that needs tweaking that is essentially a lack of choice.  See cigarette, I must smoke.  Lack of choice.  Smell baking cookie, I must eat it.  Lack of choice.   See a spider, scream and run.  Lack of choice.

Hypnosis offers new unconscious choices, that supplant the old ones, that are more desired and lead to success.

That’s it, in a nutshell.  Hypnosis.  It’s a success builder.  And you define the success that you’re seeking.

I love what I do, and I love when someone begins to realize that they have more choices and can create their own life the way they want it.  And, they do it!  That’s when they write me the testimonials I have on my web pages.

Here’s a simple NLP thought process that can bring a new state of mind to a problem state of mind.  It involves the power of a few simple words to change how you’re thinking, and ultimately, what you do in the world.  The magic of “yet.”  That’s a  wonderful word.  So small, and so powerful.  What does it mean?  Take the following sentences in bold font and consider them fully.

 I can’t do X.  (X being stop smoking, or lose weight, or release fear or any statement of a limitation…)  “I can’t.”  Full stop.  End of story. Nothing is beyond that conclusion.
It’s a stopper thought.  And it leads to a myriad of negative emotions. Hopelessness, overwhelm, sad.

I can’t do X, yet.  The assumption, the implication here is that I will be able to do X at some time.  Eventually, I will X.  This little word “yet” opens doors to new possibilities, learning, and movement forward.  And what is the feeling with this?  Positive, motivated, optimistic.  I can’t do X yet.  But I will!

The second response to a limiting statement of “I can’t” is “What would it be like if you could?” Answer the question.  Think about it.  Seriously. Pretend it’s possible.  This drives the mind in a new direction, creating images and thoughts and feelings of
success.  What you focus on expands.  Now your mind is prompted to move in the
direction of what you do in fact want, not dwelling within the limitation of “I can’t.”  With this new focus, behavioral nudges and opportunities to move toward that goal just seem to appear.  And you’re doing what you couldn’t do before.  You hadn’t created the right
state of mind and body for it.  Yet!

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I’m hoping for you a limitless 2012.  Make it so!

Warm Regards,  Connie