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Smoking Recovery Fee


Quit Smoking with Mindworks Hypnosis.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I’m going to share a story.¬† ūüôā¬† Well, the snow was coming down here in the Seattle area¬†(I know you know!–the media was calling it “snowmageddon”) and Michael and I had committed to conduct a hypnosis training.¬† We don’t like to cancel and/or disappoint—so we decided to stay in a hotel overnight close to the training location to be SURE we could make it.¬† We did make it.

That actually was a lot of fun spending the night there!¬† Nice hotel.¬† It has a no-smoking policy.¬† (Neither Michael or I smoke, so that was no hardship for us.)¬† However, I read something on the check-in materials that I found surprising.¬† This hotel is SO serious about its¬†nonsmoking status, that if you smoke in one of their rooms (even one cigarette), they will charge you a “$250 room recovery fee.”

Wow!¬† It costs the hotel guest¬†$250 so that the hotel can sanitize the room after smoking occurred in there–to remove the¬†smell from draperies, furniture, rugs,¬†I imagine.¬† Talk about the cost of smoking!

Now I have to ask myself:¬† wouldn’t a¬†person who smokes rather pay to sanitize his life and body rather than someone else’s hotel room?¬† Wouldn’t that money be a better investment toward healthy?¬† A life recovery fee, rather than a room recovery fee?¬† Seems so to me.¬† And I know how you can do it!

Hypnosis works for smoking cessation.¬† In fact, this weekend, at World Hypnotism Day here in Bellevue, I’m presenting a free public talk on just that.¬† Click on my events button on the top of this page to find all the details.

A “room recovery fee.”¬†¬† Make it a life recovery instead.¬† Smoking isn’t cool any more.¬† It’s not socially acceptable.¬† If you’re interested in stopping, I can help.¬† Check out my website:¬†

Personally, I’m glad the snow is gone.¬† ūüôā

Warm Regards,