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Someday Never Comes

“Someday.”  What a wishy-washy weasel-y, weak word.   Be wary of this word coming out of your own mouths or pens–because here’s what it really means:  never.  “Someday” is married to “I can’t.”  They live unhappily ever after.

Movement forward is a good thing, in my model of the world.  What I sell is movement, and change.  Belief change, behavioral change.  Life change.  Useful and desired and WONDERFUL change.  “Someday” is a holding in place word, not a movement word.  “Do it!”  “Doing it!”   that’s movement.  Someday…I’ll  quit smoking.  Someday…I’ll get my body in shape.  Someday…blah blah blah.  Someday never comes.

I love my teachers.  One in particular, Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.  Yesterday was his birthday.  He got literally hundreds of well wishes from fans and friends across the globe on his Facebook page.  One girl wrote to him:  “I will take one of your trainings and meet you someday.”  I’m sure he was underwhelmed by that.  I would be.  It means “never.”

When I took Design Human Engineering™ with Richard and his co-trainer, John LaValle, last year, here’s one of the ideas that got well installed:  “Just f****** do it!!”  It being movement towards a well formed outcome, a goal, what you want in life.  I hear John’s voice in my ear often, propelling me forward.  I’ll have to thank him again for that!  🙂

My favorite songwriter, Smokey Robinson, said the same thing in a softer way in the lyrics of one of his best songs (More Love):  “Let it be soon.  Don’t hesitate.  Make it now.  Don’t wait…”

To me it’s so simple.  If you want something (sufficiently), you do it.  You make it happen.  I don’t “do” someday.  Why would anyone?  Why not shift “someday” into “now?”

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