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Happy Valentine’s to My Hypno Friends!

This is one of my favorite holidays…and really, what’s not to like?  It’s about LOVE.  Connection.  Hearts.  Chocolate (though I eat less of that nowadays).  Happy Valentine’s Day to my hypnosis friends.

I went to see Smokey Robinson perform live last night.  The man is ALL about love.  What a hypnotist.  🙂  I love Smokey Robinson.  If you want a taste of Smokey, there’s about 5000 performance videos of him on

If you want a taste of self-love, here’s something else for you to experience.  Self hypnosis.  Michael and I are offering an intensive, one-day self hypnosis workshop this Saturday, February 19th here in Bellevue, “Discover the Power of Hypnosis to Improve Your Life.”  If you’d like to read more about it, you can check out the details here:

We’ve got a small group, which means “more hypnosis for you!”  We’d love it if you’d come and discover hypnosis for life success.  It really is truly amazing and powerful, and I run out of superlatives when I talk about it.  If hypnosis were a page on Facebook (it probably is), I’d click LIKE!!  More than like.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  Which is why this day of love is a good time to talk about it.  If you love yourself enough to want more joy and success in your life, or would like to love yourself enough to want more joy and success in your life, here’s a tool for you.

In our workshop, you get to experience hypnosis, and we install an “instant trigger for trance” for you to return to that state when and where you want.  And that state is magic, where miracles happen, where you focus your mind on what you want and that part of your mind figures out how to get it!  We talk about goal formation, the language of unconscious influence, how to self-hypnotize, how to do a self-hypnosis session, and there will be hypnotic interludes aplenty.  FUN!!  LIVE.  HYPNOSIS!

Pre-registration is necessito, because space for this workshop is limited.  If you want in (the best Valentine’s gift you could ever give to anyone or yourself), call me right now, 425-564-8608.  Or you can sign up online with our handy dandy paypal button:

Hey, it’s Valentine’s and if you are still stumped for the unique and loving gift for your significant other, well, this is something different, isn’t it??  🙂  AND something cool.  It’s an experience you can share together.

Much love to you all on Valentine’s and every day,


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