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It’s Just My Imagination

“Imagination.”  The other day I was driving and musing on words.  Words are, and have always been, “my thing.”  I love them!  When I was very young I’d sit and read the dictionary for enjoyment.  And, words are also the lifeblood of my career as a professional communicator.

Hypnosis is communication, on the deepest levels of the heart and mind.  🙂  I was musing in particular on the word “imagination.”

I was remembering how that word was used disparagingly when I was growing up.  “Well, she has QUITE an imagination, that one.” (She’s lying.) “It’s only your imagination.” (You’re wrong.) “He’s imagining things again!” (How can we get him back on track?)  When someone says:  “It’s JUST your imagination!”, they’re using the word “just” as a minimizer.  Expressing a lessening of value.  Why minimize magnificence?  In my book, imagination is absolutely essential to life and success.  It is something to be nurtured and appreciated, not treated as a problem.

Dream Imagine RelaxEinstein had it right when he said:  “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”  I absolutely agree.

To any of you that have been in my office, perhaps you noticed the wood blocks on the wall:  dream, imagine, relax.  Of those 3, imagine is the most important!  Why?  In our world, what we imagine successfully is what we get. It’s integral to creation. Why would anyone want to stomp down on or minimize or belittle the ability to create?  Hypnosis helps that act of creation to flourish.

How strange that imagine-ary means unreal when in truth imagine-ation makes things real.

Warm Regards & Happy Holidays to all,

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