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“Big Ass” Cookie

Ok, this question is to the myriad of you (and I’m one as well) who battle with weight.  What do you do when you slip up?  When you fall off the “being good” wagon?   When that holiday treat calls to you, and you listen?  Do you beat yourself up?  Do you say:  “Well, the day is shot, the week is shot, I might as well eat another brownie and/or piece of pizza and I’ll start again Monday!”?  Do you say:  “Well, I failed, best forget the whole idea of ever getting thin!!”  Or do you say:  “Well, I did that.  It was a choice.  I’d rather choose and do something different, starting NOW.”?

The topic is recovery strategies.  You’ve got to shift your perception from diets, which tend to be all or nothing mindsets (you’re ON the diet, or you’re OFF the diet) to a lifestyle change orientation.  Success does not equal perfection.  Hypnosis helps!   Even if you make a decision you don’t like, you get to make a new one, and continue from there.  This essay is about cutting yourself some slack when you “goof up” (as we all do) and then continue your long term success.  I’ve lost 80+ pounds in the past couple years.  Is that success?  Hell, yes!  Was I perfect in my eating choices every moment of every day of that time?  Hell, no.

I’m going to tell the story of my own recent slip-up.  And recovery!  I call this story:  “Big ass” cookie.  My teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler, encourages us to make large, rich, 3D, vibrant goal pictures in our minds to motivate us to move in those desired directions.  He calls those:  “big ass pictures.”  Somehow, that phrase has embedded itself into my mind.  So, I use it, too, even if it’s slightly vulgar.  I’m going to tell the story, now, of the “big ass cookie.”  It wasn’t just a picture.  It was a reality.

We all have triggers in us, unconscious or conscious imprinted motivators which propel us into action.  I have an “eat sweets” trigger:  it’s called “Halloween.”  I have another:  it’s called “I’m on vacation, and it’s time to indulge myself.”  I have another:  it’s called “I’ve been working really hard so I deserve it.”  I have another:  it’s called “I’m on sale, buy me.”   All of these converged a few weeks ago while I was in Chicago.

Our hotel room had a kitchenette, so we went to the store looking for some food to put in there.  It was within a day or two of Halloween, and every aisle end display was full of bags of candy.  I ignored those.  But then…a bakery table.  And on this table were Halloween decorated cupcakes, cakes, and cookies, all on sale!  I was riveted by the beautiful dinner-plate sized chocolate chip, decorator-iced cookies with witches and goblins and ghosts sugar-smeared on top, the kind that ideally you cut up into about 20 serving slices.  Big Ass Cookies!!  My triggers converged.  The cookie called to me.  I bought it.  Just the one.  Of course, it was bigger than godzilla’s head.

I bought it, but I didn’t eat it.  Yet.  Then it was time to go home.  I should  have tossed it.  I couldn’t.  I put it in my suitcase, at a risk of making my suitcase over the weight limit–because it was already close.  I figure this cookie weighed 2 pounds.  I crammed it, this giant, hurkin’ cookie into my suitcase.  And I brought it home.  And I opened it.  It had gotten squished.  I didn’t care.  I ate a piece.  A big piece.  Probably about two–three servings worth–THEN I tossed it.  Nowhere no how is eating sugar-iced chocolate chip cookies on my  low carb plan.

But, here’s the key to success.  I began again.  On my healthy lifestyle eating program.  I had gained a few pounds while on vacation in Chicago, that “indulgence” thing kicking in–the last gasp being that cookie.  Home again, I didn’t beat myself up, I recovered.  Back on track!  In the past two weeks I’ve lost 8 pounds.

Here’s the deal.  Hypnosis is FANTASTIC for installing in you, me, all of us these recovery strategies.  How to keep going, in spite of momentary temptations or lapses or “failings.”  To keep focus on the big ass picture of lean and healthy, the goals that drive us.  If you find yourself dieting, and giving up, dieting and giving up, hypnosis will help you reframe a new lifestyle and keep it going.  Long term success.  Which is not necessarily perfection!  I know whereof I speak!

I am 2 pounds right now off of my all-time low adult weight, and I know I’ll get there next week.  And even lower.   That’s right, during the holidays, while most others are packing on the weight, I’m slenderizing.  If you’re ready for long term success with your weight, I’ll help!  Now is the perfect time. Call me:  (425) 564-8608.

Happy Holidays & Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Connie Brannan, CHt.