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Disney Hypnosis, Age Regression, and “Feelin’ good for no reason.”

Connie and Michael at DisneyWorld.
Connie and Michael at DisneyWorld.

It was a “double whammy” of hypnosis!  🙂  Michael and I were in Orlando, Florida last week having the time of our lives in an advanced hypnosis training.  It’s called NLP, but according to Dr. Richard Bandler, the father and co-creator of NLP, NLP is  “high tech hypnosis.”  As the inventor of the thing, he should know!!  🙂  And that’s what we were learning.  More and more cool ways to run our minds the way we want them to run.  Creating designer brains.

Bandler is a master hypnotist. 

One of the cool things about hypnosis:  you learn best while IN hypnosis.  That’s my definition of hypnosis:  an accellerated learning state.  So, while we were sitting in this seminar room, the incredible and masterful Dr. Bandler was spinning his web of words and ideas and hypnotized us into learning more.  Hypnotized us into a state of FEEL GOOD.  Learning to feel good in our lives.  As he puts it:  “for no reason at all.”  Feelin’ good for no reason at all.  What an idea!!  🙂  Changing the neurology of our body to experience life differently.  Talking to our conscious minds enough to keep us engaged and entertained and loving it, talking to our unconscious minds a WHOLE LOT more.  Perhaps 5% conscious learning to 95% unconscious learning.

Bandler is a master hypnotist.  So was Walt Disney.  And the worlds he created are still hypnotizing us.

So, Michael and I were walking around in a wonderful learning trance for two weeks in Orlando, Florida.  We had a day off between trainings, and we decided to go to Disneyworld!   Layered with Bandler trance, we entered the “Magic Kingdom” and Disney Hypnosis took hold. 

Talk about age regression!  Another hypnotic phenomenon!  Age regression:  returning to an earlier time in your life, in your mind.  When you do this or see this, the person changes before your eyes.  Looks different, sounds different, and for sure, acts differently.  Have you ever seen a grown man stomping his feet and having a tantrum?–I had bosses like that.  How do you talk to a 3-year-old in an adult body?  At Disney, our regressions were all good feelings!

Look at the “ears” picture above.  How old are we?  Look at this picture.  How old is the person in the car, inside himself?
Go speed racer, go!
Go speed racer, go!

I asked Michael.  How old are you in this picture?  He said:  “10, 12 years old.”  🙂  I can see that.

You know how a song can “imprint” into your mind, and keeps running and keeps running?  We heard a song at Disney, and it imprinted on Michael.  And he’s been singing it for a week or two now so it’s sure as shooting imprinting into me as well.  “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”  One of Walt’s theme songs.  It accompanies an exhibit called “Carousel of Progress.”  Here are the words:

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
Shining at the end of ev’ryday
There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
And tomorrow’s just a dream away

Man has a dream and that’s the start
He follows his dream with mind and heart
And when it becomes a reality
It’s a dream come true for you and me

So there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
Shining at the end of ev’ryday
There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
Just a dream away”

I mean, he wakes up singing this thing into my ear!  🙂  The today of right now is clearly the tomorrow he was dreaming of big and beautiful and bright and filling him with joy in the morning.  That’s a good thing–and quite different from his old “wake up” pattern!  The man’s been hypnotized!

Obviously, Disney was onto something.  Something compelling and powerful.  Hypnosis!  The hypnosis to feel good.  What would it be like if we all could experience life from a state of automatic FEEL GOOD?  What would it be like to enjoy life more and more, and feel like an 8 year old walking through the gates to Disneyland any time we wanted to?  Fill ourselves with passion and excitement, enthusiasm and joy?  What would it be like to experience life in that way, anyday, everyday, for no reason?

Feel good for no reason.  Expect great things.  Why not?  How much joy can you stand?  I admire Walt’s hypnotic magic.  I have some of my own, too.  I help people do this.  Bring good feelings where they’re useful and create positive change because when you feel differently you have different brain chemistry, and you think differently, you experience life differently, and you act differently.

Warm Regards & wishing you a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (and today),

Connie at Disney.
Connie at Disney.