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It's spring in Seattle!
It's spring in Seattle!

I often use a lot of nature imagery with clients, it’s so easy to do and something we all experience and understand well – the changing of the seasons.  Spring in particular is perfect for a hypnotic metaphor.  It’s “new life,” it’s “new beginnings,”  it’s “change,” it’s “freshness,” it’s “growth,” it’s “color,” it’s full of promise and opportunity, it’s magnificent.  And it’s happening NOW.  Just like we want your own life changes to be doing.  Happening now.  Right now!  It’s time.

Michael and I were in rainy and cold Florida for two weeks getting our minds stuffed full of useful new hypnosis and NLP tools.  We both have two new certificates to add to the “I love me” wall:  per the King of hypnosis, Dr. Richard Bandler, we are now “Design Human Engineers,” and “Persuasion Engineers.”  TM (trademark) on both.  🙂  It’s interesting that the more STUFF I learn, the more tools I acquire and add to my healing toolbelt, the lighter it gets.  The lighter I feel.  These aren’t like hammers and anvils weighing me down, these are tools to LIFT and enhance life.  More!  And fine tools they are, for fine tuning life.

So, we arrived home to discover that spring has sprung.  How nice!  The trees outside my office window are blooming now, providing the perfect metaphor for the unconscious minds of my clients!

You don’t have to drive through the University of Washington Arboretum or walk through the cherry-blossom quad on campus to see some fresh blooming life, you can look in the mirror.  After seeing me, of course.  I’m ready.  Are you?

Warm Spring Regards,