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How I discovered Hypnosis!

For my hypno-friends!  Here’s a film clip from my recent presentation at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center, where I gave a talk about hypnosis and weight management.  That event was fun, as I LOVE to talk about hypnosis–my passion.

My presentation was filmed, and I hope to eventually share several video “snippets” with you, because I like a lot of what I say there.  🙂

However, it’s slow going to perform my own video editing given that I haven’t yet really given myself the time to LEARN thoroughly the editing program I’m using.  Yet, I can and have been doing it anyway.   I want to do it better, and more efficiently…and, of course, I will.  For now, I’ve created one Youtube video from Evergreen, where I tell a story about “How I Discovered Hypnosis!”  Here it is:  🙂


Let me know your impressions…  (As long as they’re positive!) 🙂

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