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“Too Stimulating”

Hi, here’s another “musing.”  🙂  I was on the phone today with a potential student for my NLP and hypnosis trainings, and she informed me that my website, Mindworks Hypnosis was overly “stimulating.”  I laughed out loud.  I’m doubtful that she meant something positive by it, but I see that comment as a good thing!  Oh, yes!

Stimulation is good in my book.  According to dictionary dot com, stimulation means:  arouse, activate, excite.  Those words all sound beautiful to me.  OVER-stimulation, well, that’s a sliding scale of subjectivity, and everyone is different.  Some people would be overstimulated sitting quiety in a dark room, and others might be UNDER-stimulated while riding a roller-coaster at the fair.  If there were no stimulation, life would be a flat line affair.

Arouse!  Activate!  Excite!  Yes, that’s what I want my website to do!  Yes, that’s what I want my words and stories to do, whether I’m teaching or working with clients, or just talking, or writing this blog.  And yes, that’s what hypnosis itself does.   Hypnosis = Stimulation.  In hypnosis, we stimulate the unconscious mind–to see that things can be different, and better.

In discussions with hypno-friends we discuss this idea of sleep.  Hypnosis as sleep.  How erroneous can an idea be??  What hypnosis does is wake a person up!!  Wake a person up to new possibilities and creativity and his/her own strengths and abilities to move in that direction.  Wake up!!   A lot of us live self-imposed limited lives, we trudge through a lot of our days on autopilot, with blinders on, robotic, zombie-like, and assuming what happened yesterday has to happen today and has to happen tomorrow.    Boxes, walls, trapped!  (I know this feeling, because I used to live this way, too.)  Trapped!  No way, Jose!  Wake up!!  Hypnosis wakes a person up to choice, and stimulates a recognition of the limitless vistas of possibility.

Things can be different.  Beginning now.

I’m happy to stimulate people to see beyond, to imagine more.  When that girl said my website was too “stimulating,” I think she meant it as a criticism.  I take it as a giant compliment!

Warm Regards,