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Vegas Hypno Training

Well, Michael and I are heading home from a 2-week long Vegas adventure.  And not just any old Vegas adventure.  A HYPNO adventure!  We just completed two weeks of continuing education in the realm of conversational hypnosis — for hypnotherapeutic processes and general excellence in communication both.  And influence.  Good stuff.

Now, I can’t help but wonder who I will have become beyond the sunshine and back into the autumn Seattle skies and clouds, but not yet.  Our flight is delayed, so here’s a blog from the airport!  What fun!  🙂  To the extent that you totally consider how deep down you all enjoy reading each and every one of my blog entries only here and only now and aside from that, learning more and more about hypnosis and it’s awesome power.  (That’s some mind-bending language speak.)

I’m learning some new tools to help me help others and spin minds in resourceful directions.   That’s what it’s all about!

I love Las Vegas.  I love hypnosis.  I love trance.  I love learning.  Put them together and it’s superlove.  This was a valuable 2 weeks.  Vegas is famous for its “Fremont Street Experience.”  This was the “Henderson Hypno Experience.”  We met some terrific people, because, truly, terrrific people are attracted to this healing art.

I’ll post some photos and tell some Vegas stories (in this instance what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas) when I get home officially.  But not yet. 

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