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Mirror Box

I was watching TV the other night–I don’t watch much at all anymore–but I still like “House,” that medical drama.  Melodrama, really.  Quite a bizarre, yet entertaining show!  The episode the other night featured a “Mirror Box.”
A Mirror Box is a real thing.  It’s very cool, and it’s something I was trained in the use of just a couple months ago.  See the pic.  I was at an Advanced Mastery NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training.
The box is used to help people with phantom limb pain.  Through accident or disease or what have you, the person has lost a limb.  Yet it still hurts.  Sometimes incapacitatingly. This technique relieves that pain.  It also helps restore mobility in limbs to stroke patients.
Now, “House” is a strange show as I said, and as a character, he shows a very eccentric and non-nurturing approach to medicine.  On the show, House kidnaps and basically tortures someone to “help” him with the mirror box and phantom limb pain.
In spite of this, I’m pleased that the “mirror box” got featured on the show.  Shows how change takes no time at all–with an understanding of how the mind works!

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