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What you focus on expands

One of the key things I do in my hypnotherapy practice is help people find choices.  More choices than they had hitherto seen!  And key to that is the idea of being “at cause” in the world rather than “at effect.”  I help shift people from victim mode (things happen to me) to creator mode (I make things happen that I desire).  It’s incredibly powerful.

Before change can happen, whether it be habit changes like fingernail biting or smoking cessation, or self image shifts, belief shifts, positive changes of many and any varieties, this inner shift has to happen.  At cause:  My life is how I make it.  I control events.   And it’s getting better all the time.  At effect:  I’m stuck, bad things happen to me,  I’m just “unlucky,” and there’s nothing I can do about it.  It’s the difference between feeling (and thus being) weak, and being empowered.

When I successfully made this shift, I changed my whole life.  New body, new career, new joy.  It’s a worthwhile transition!

One of my friends and early hypnosis/NLP teachers, Skip Carson, helped me to do just that.  Shift my mindset.  Here’s what he said:

Creating Your Own Reality By Choice Is The Truth.

You Choose Exactly How You Want Your Reality To Be.
Whether You Believe It Or Not, It Still Is How It Works.

The More You Dicover Who You Are The More You Realize The Limitlessness Of Choices Available, And The Unbounded Possibilities That Exist.

Choose That Which Brings You The Deepest Experience Of Gratitude And Love.

Life Is Yours To Create The Way You Wish, Better Make It Something You Enjoy.

Look Within Yourself – How Much Joy Can You Stand?

What You Focus On Expands.

What Do You Want More Of?

I encourage you to look at Skips musings, above, and adopt them as your own as you are able.  Because…he’s right.  Absolutely right!  I printed those out, attached them to my computer monitor where they remained for about a year and studied them daily, thought about them, and absorbed them.  Do you likewise!

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