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Seattle Hypnosis for Confidence

We have added a new website:
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I’ve been a website and video makin’ machine!!
We’ve added this week:

I’ve purchased some more great web domain names (helps people find my biz) and I intend to use all of them. ūüôā

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Put a New Frame on it!

A problem is simply a frame of mind, a way of looking at things.¬† If it’s not a problem to YOU, it’s not a problem.¬† Think about flying on an airplane.¬† After all the hustle/bustle of travel arrangements, packing, airports, and etc. when I get on a plane, I settle into the seat and go:¬† “ahhhhhhhhh.”¬† Now it’s time to relax.¬† No worries.¬†¬† All I have to do is sit here and enjoy myself.¬† Perhaps for someone else sitting down a few rows, ¬†it’s churning turmoil inside, it’s white-knuckle time.¬† It’s visions of disaster.¬† It doesn’t have to be.¬† You can change your mind.¬† And experience life differently.¬† Yes, about flying, and pretty much about ANYTHING!¬† That’s what hypnosis can do!¬† It’s called “reframing.”

Perhaps you’re skeptical about those statements. ¬†¬†Here’s a few recent examples of reframing from my life, for further illustration.

I got caught up in the shopping frenzy last week.¬† My husband and I were at the mall, and I found a shirt I loved.¬† The color in particular was appealing to me.¬† Hypnotists have an “inside joke” about the color purple being hypnotic, because one of the most famous and successful hypnotists in the world, Milton Erickson, was fond of wearing bright purple jumpsuits.¬† Color analysis books describe purple as the dreamer color.

I found a purple shirt.¬† Not just any old purple, this was a rich, deep royal purple, a magically hypnotic jewel-tone purple.¬† I was excited to find it, and on sale!¬† ūüôā¬† As I was checking out at the department store, the clerk commented on the “grape” shirt.¬† Grape?¬† Yikes.¬† I almost put it back.¬† I don’t want a grape shirt, as that sounds utterly unappealing.¬† Purple, yes.¬† Grape, forget about it!¬† One word flipped my state of mind about the shirt, and not in a good way.¬† She reframed my shirt (negatively) and almost lost the sale.¬† This is something we teach in our NLP for Sales courses, how to reframe in a way that sells, not creates aversion.

Here’s another example of reframing.¬† This is a sign.

Crosswalk Sign

Perhaps you’re familiar with it.¬† It indicates a pedestrian crosswalk.¬† It’s a stylized guy crossing the street.¬† You can see that.

Here is a sign I saw today in a parking garage.

Pedestrian Crossing

They’ve shifted the sign slightly, and the meaning massively.¬† What it thinks it’s saying is “pedestrian crossing,” but what I see is a pedestrian falling, and flying through the air, obviously after being struck by a moving vehicle.¬† Yikes, again!¬† A different angle on the picture, and the whole meaning changes.¬† That’s reframing.

Here’s a classic example of reframing.¬† Imagine a roaring fire in a fireplace.¬† That elicits positive feelings, right?¬† Cozy, nice, warm.¬† Now, expand the picture’s parameter, and you see the house is on fire as well.¬† Oh, no, run for your lives!¬† Negative feelings.¬† Now expand the picture further and you see it’s all a movie set and they’re only filming a controlled reproduction of a house fire.¬† Positive feelings, again.¬† A shift of frame changes everything.

What makes this “reframing” process cool of course is changing things that are problems in your life to non-problems.¬† Like the fear of flying.¬† What if your experience of planes and flight became a frame of relaxation, like lounging on a tropical beach or sitting in your easy chair at home?¬† Hypnosis can do that.

Big secret: ¬†¬†How we feel and how we respond to things and the thoughts/frames we create around them:¬† it’s all moveable furniture.¬† Within our control.¬† If you want to rearrange your mental furniture in a way that creates more beauty and ease ¬†and success in your life, I can help.¬† That is my gig.¬† My passion.¬† My joy.¬† Come see me and we’ll reframe those problems out of existence.

Warm Regards,


Get Tranced!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a good time to pause and reflect on all the wonderful and positive people and things and happy events¬†in our lives.¬† Remember, what you focus on expands, so here’s to MORE of that (the good things) for you in the days and weeks and months to come!

Warm Regards,
Connie & Michael

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Rewire the Brain Through Hypnosis

RewireHi, Hypno Friends!

Well, Michael and I attended another hypnosis¬†training event this past weekend, because it’s always a good idea to learn more¬†and increase skills.¬† It was fantastic!¬† As you may have noticed from my conversations here (and that’s what this blog is, me thinking out loud), I CARE about hypnosis.¬†¬† And being good at it.¬† I LOVE hypnosis.¬† I live hypnosis.¬† I want to share the good word on hypnosis.¬† It is so positive and so powerful, so healing, and so mis-understood and underappreciated it the world.¬† (You may enjoy¬†my blog entry on “Hollyweird.”)¬†¬† People are influenced by movies, TV, popular culture–and those media do not always¬†portray the reality of¬†hypnosis.

So, I have two stories I want to share in this blog entry.¬† 1.¬† My recent efforts to combat¬†“Hollyweird” by giving my professional input into a performance involving hypnosis¬†and 2.¬† More about my hypnosis training and the¬†cool and valuable things I learned there–how to help¬†rewire the brain, specifically for stroke survivors.¬† However, rewiring is¬†also applicable for so much more than that.¬† We¬†also¬†enhanced our knowledge¬†on how to alleviate¬†pain with hypnosis,¬†and¬†“emergency hypnosis” for those life and death situations such as car crashes or dealing with burn victims.

Story 1.¬† I had a fun new gig.¬† I consulted for a theater company.¬† They’re putting on a play in the Seattle area and it involves a scene of hypnosis.¬† They wanted to¬†get it right, be authentic, so they contacted me.¬† I was happy to help.¬† I met with the director and several actors and explained the truth about hypnosis, what it is, how it feels, what it can do.¬† They acted out the scene for me and I critiqued.¬† (So much fun!)¬† More than just describing, I also hypnotized them to experience it live and first hand.¬† Because, experiencing is believing.¬† They’re believers now.¬† In the positive power and magic of hypnosis.¬†¬†Yay!!¬† Take that, Hollyweird!¬† ūüôā¬† And¬†Hollyweird’s continuing¬†saga of evil, thieving, murdering, insane hypnotists¬†with their armies of hypno-zombie slaves.

Here’s¬†an entertainment source putting a more accurate depiction out there.¬† I approve!¬† Here’s the play, by the way, if you’re interested.¬† It opens this Friday:¬†¬† The play is “Shoreditch Madonna.”

Story 2.¬† Don Mottin 001 Cropped EnhancedMore about the training.¬† It was two days of continuing education, put on by the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists, which is the oldest, largest¬†and most¬†respected¬†professional organization of hypnotists in the US)¬†and Michael and I both attended.¬† Yay!¬† We now have more tools¬†to help with pain management, emergency hypnosis, and helping stroke survivors.¬† We learned to rewire the brain through hypnosis–which is something we do on a daily basis anyway, but now specifically targeted for helping stroke survivors.¬† After a stroke, there may be a loss of movement, vision, cognitive function, and so on.¬† These tools help stroke survivors to be more functional and regain capabilities!¬† A worthy goal, and wonderful hypnosis tools.

Here’s a¬†picture of me and the¬†instructor, Don Mottin.¬† Besides being a stroke survivor himself, He’s Vice President of the¬†NGH.¬† That’s the national group, and we were darn lucky to have him travel to Seattle to offer this training.¬†¬†It’s all in the family as Michael, my Michael, is President of our state’s local chapter of the NGH, the NGHWA.¬†¬† One of the facets of the guild is to have a committment to continuing¬†hypnosis education.¬† This is some of that!¬† Yes!¬† Learning, in my model of the world, is ongoing and forever.¬† That’s what I want and that’s what I do.¬† Learn and utilize.¬† My intention, of course, is to be the best and most helpful hypnotist I can be.¬† More tools is good tools.

If you know someone who has suffered a stroke, please do consider hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a¬†tool to help them rewire their brain.¬† I know this works, and I’d be happy to work in conjuction with their medical MDs to enhance the healing process and regain their lives!

Warm Regards,

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The Devil and James Bond


The other day Michael and I were driving, and I noticed the car ahead of me.¬† I said:¬† “There’s James Bond.” ¬†(My sister had dated James Bond for awhile, but that’s another story.¬† ūüôā )¬† The license plate number featured a familiar trio of numbers in it:¬† 007.¬† Also, in the hot, red Ferrari next to me was the devil (or one of his henchmen) driving…that car featured 666.¬† Amusing?¬† Perhaps.¬† But WHY did those ideas pop into my mind…James Bond and the Devil?¬† I’ll tell you why!

Because our unconscious minds are amazing meaning-seeking devices.¬† Continuously looking for patterns!¬† And finding them.¬† You and me and each one of us, we are masters of pattern recognition.¬† It’s how we learn, and how we survive.¬† How we learn to recognize mom’s face as infants in the pixels of color dancing before our eyes, family, friends, a place of comfort, and how we learn to recognize danger as well.¬† THAT MEANS THIS.¬† That red and white octagon means lift my foot from the accelerator and move it to the de-accelerator.¬† Now!¬† So I don’t run into the tail end of James Bond.

The mind loves to take what might appear to be random chaos, and attach meaning.  Stars in the night sky, for instance.  Constellations.  To early astronomers, and to us, these are not just scattered blinking lights, these are mythological creatures with names and personalities, codified and recognized, parading across the sky.

I was in in Oregon giving a hypnosis talk a few weeks ago, and I saw my cousin Eddie’s face in the hotel bathroom wallpaper.¬† He was THERE, I tell you.¬† His exact profile.¬† His mouth, his nose, which is absolutely distinctive and recognizable!¬† Right next to the white rabbit.¬† Random shapes become patterns, with meaning.¬† We don’t struggle to make these associations happen, they just do!¬†

I invite you to read these sentences:

” Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteres are at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a tatol mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.”

Your mind is effortlessly unscrambling the scramble.¬† ūüôā¬† Because our unconscious minds make sense out of non-sense.¬† And that’s a good thing!¬† And a useful thing.

¬†When it comes to problem solving, it’s massively useful.¬† When we’re feeling stuck/trapped/locked into a box of limited options (none of which may be appealing), our conscious mind is not much help.¬† It scours the box.¬† The solution to the problem is not there, in the conscious box.¬† It’s out there.¬† Somewhere else.¬† When we tap into the unconscious part of our mind, we are looking in a far, far, far broader spectrum, outside that box. ¬†Somewhere else.¬† Everywhere else.¬† At everything.¬† ¬†And answers (meaning) are there in the larger jumble.¬† Our unconscious minds can and do find it.¬† And this changes everything and dissolves the box.

That’s what hypnosis is about, and how it is useful.¬† It’s a doorway into tapping into the massive pattern recognition and problem solving abilities of the unconscious mind.

In the news recently, a lady on the television game show “Wheel of Fortune” solved a 27 letter puzzle with only one letter showing, and 26 letters hidden.¬† Her mind, her unconscious mind, took the information available (how many words in the puzzle phrase and how many letters per word and another letter she knew was NOT there) and scoured the universe for meaning.¬† What English common phrase fits that criteria?¬† And, she found it!¬† Instantly, it seemed!¬† “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”¬† Her unconscious mind fed it to her conscious mind.¬† To those of you who viewed the footage of this amazing problem-solving feat, it did seem miraculous, did it not?¬† It wasn’t a miracle, it was simply her mind being good at what we all do.¬† Make sense and attach meaning.¬† In this case it was useful–she won a $6,000 trip to the Caribbean.

Not just this lady, I think we all should give a great big “THANK YOU, UNCONSCIOUS MIND!” shout out to our unconscious minds.¬† They keep us alive and thriving, and do solve life’s dilemmas when we get our conscious, linear thinking out of the way long enough for the useful and helpful patterns to reveal themselves.

If you’re interested in learning more about hypnosis and how to tap and direct this power within your own minds, I encourage you to check out:¬†¬† One of the ways that Michael and I share our passion is through teaching hypnosis and NLP (which is a super duper high tech hypnosis).¬†

Warm Regards,


Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotist
Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotist
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“I’m Sick and Tired”

My niece is on Facebook.¬† So am I.¬† I noticed her post today:¬† “I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.”¬† I gave my Auntie Hypnotist unsolicited advice.¬†¬†STOP IT!¬†¬†Stop telling yourself TO be sick.¬† And that’s exactly what she is doing.¬† I told her:¬† “Hypno Hint: stop telling yourself that you’re sick and tired. Your brain hears you focusing on that (sick and tired) and says, “OK, I can do that!” It thinks that’s what you want, and your unconscious mind is VERY accommodating. How would you rather feel? Healthy? Energetic? Focus on that.”


It’s called “organ language.”¬† When you give your body instructions as to how to feel, your unconscious mind is listening attentively.¬† And does what you suggest.¬† Creates what you want.¬† Or, what it thinks you want.¬† Your unconscious mind is super literal.¬† What you focus on expands,¬†or, expressed differently, you get what you think about.

“That makes me sick!”¬†¬† You’re focusing on sick.¬† You’re telling yourself to get sick.¬† Direct language:¬† “make me sick.”¬† Don’t do that!!¬† “He gives me a pain in the neck, he’s a pain in the behind.”¬† You are telling yourself to have pain.¬† Don’t do that!!¬† “She makes me so mad I can’t see straight.”¬† You’re telling yourself to have vision problems.¬† “He makes my blood boil.”¬† You’re asking for high blood pressure.¬† Your mind/body can do that.¬†¬† And will!¬† When you focus on illness “I’m sick and tired” your mind/body says, well, OK, if that’s what you want…I’ll get it for you!¬† Apparently, my niece is a very persuasive hypnotist inside herself.¬† It’s just time to change the hypnotic suggestion.

Hypno tip of the day:¬† Focus on the flip side of illness and physical distress in your language to self.¬† My first hypnosis teacher joked about upsetting situations:¬† “Well, that just UPS my metabolism.”¬† Could be useful!¬† ūüôā¬† What do you want?¬† Focus on healthy.¬† DO NOT tell yourself “it’s cold and flu season.”¬† That’s a suggestion to get ill.¬† “It’s healthy time!¬† I feel so good.¬† I always stay healthy.¬† That’s right!”¬† Listen to yourself and notice if/when you¬†give yourself¬†negative suggestions of pain and discomfort and illness which instructs your body to focus on and manifest more of¬†that.¬† And then stop it, and think of what you’d rather feel.¬† Something good, I mean!

It couldn’t hurt.¬† Just do it!

Warm Regards,
Connie (who has only had one cold in 5 years)

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Hypnotic Power Speak in Oregon

Connie's giving a talk to the OHA.
Connie's giving a talk to the OHA.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I’m giving a presentation this month to the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association, a next-state-over organization of hypnosis professionals.¬† I’m very excited that I’ve been invited to do so.¬† It’s terrific when we can share our knowledge, and further the professionalism of hypnosis.

Some people out there still think¬†hypnosis¬†is¬†about barking like dogs and¬†dancing like chickens.¬† Uh…no.¬† It’s about positive life change, it’s about programming your mind for success (which you get to define).¬† It’s a tool for change.¬† And I love it with a passion, as you know if you’ve been reading my bloggings, and now…I get to share some of my passion in Oregon with like-minded professionals.¬† Good stuff!

I was just in Oregon a few days ago, at the ocean.¬† Oregon is so beautiful, green, and fresh, much like home!¬† It’s a pleasure and a privilege to go share some of my¬†hypno-know-how with other professionals.¬† ūüôā

In case any of my readers are in Oregon or will be on September 25th and are interested, here is more info:   The language of influence.  I talk about effective communications with my favorite chat-partner:  the unconscious mind.

It’s another kudo for my “I love me wall,” and another opportunity to share and visit one of my favorite states.¬† States in geography, and states of mind.¬† Both!¬† Oregon and hypnosis, two great things that go great together.¬† Wish me luck, and join me if you’re so inclined!

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Connie Brannan, CHt.