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Beyond the Conscious Mind: The Magic of Hypnosis: How to Use Hypnosis to Create Your Life

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I’m happy to announce that Michael’s book on the “how-to” of self hypnosis is now available on Amazon Kindle.  His book is Beyond the Conscious Mind: The Magic of Hypnosis: How to Use Hypnosis to Create Your Life.  I wrote a review, which I’m sharing below.

“I am a professional hypnotherapist and I love this book! 

I have given hard copies to several of my clients as a self-hypnosis and goal-setting tool and the feedback has been 100% positive.  It’s like that old expression, give a man a fish, he has dinner.  Teach him how to fish, he’s self-sufficient for life.  I empower my hypnosis clients with this book so they can continue the work of programming their own unconscious minds on an ongoing basis in the comfort of their own homes.

Written for the novice, no prior experience or understanding is necessary, this is an easy read and entertaining to boot.  With it, a person can hit the ground running with a powerful set of protocols and information to transform life.  It’s about weight loss, it’s about habit change, it’s about business success, it’s about any goal whatsoever.

Also, terrific, it comes with a hypnosis CD download that takes you into trance and then installs an instant trigger for returning to trance whenever you want.  Hypnosis on demand, comes with the instructions.  Priceless! 

Highly recommend!” – Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP®

Check it out.  Now, of course, the fastest and most direct road to success is to work with a professional mind-smith one on one.  However, this is also a great tool.  I use self-hypnosis my self for ongoing weight management.  It works!

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