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Discover the Magic of Hypnosis – Course Offering from our Career School

Free hypnosis webinar.Hello, Hypnosis Curious and Enthused!

New training dates for our State Licensed Career School, Mindworks NLP, are finalized! Up next: our new 6 day live, hands-on “Discover the Magic of Hypnosis ” course March 21 – April 5, 2020, in Bellevue.

We have restructured the course to include 2 additional days, for a total of 6. New material added: inventive interventions for change work for quit smoking, weight loss and more–Connie shares her insider secrets after 13 years doing this work clinically. This is GOLD for those of you looking to become successful hypnotherapists.

(To be followed by our Licensed Practitioner of NLP ® certification course, weekends in May/June, 2020.)

Hypnosis first! More about the hypnosis course, which provides an amazing foundation of understanding how the mind works, and the how-to’s of effective unconscious influence.

It’s an introduction to hypnosis, and does not require any previous experience or knowledge. It’s for anyone, parents, CEO’s, therapists, those interested in self development, those curious about hypnosis, or those looking for a new career in hypnotherapy. You can learn ABOUT hypnosis any number of ways, by reading books, watching videos, and so forth. But, to learn to DO hypnosis, to be a genuine and effective hypnotist, you need a live training. These are hands-on, experiential skills.

You’ll learn incredible subconscious communication tools for personal and business success. These are techniques you can use for yourself or helping others immediately to change habits, to increase personal satisfaction, self confidence, motivation and more!

More info:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

–All about hypnosis and how to hypnotize.
–Instant, rapid, and formal inductions.
–Hypnotic language of influence.
–The art of flow, creating instant, client-centered scripts.
–Direct and indirect hypnotherapy.
–The art of the “pre-talk,” setting expectations of success.
–Info gathering and “well-formed outcomes.”
–creative interventions (techniques) for quit smoking, lose weight, stress release, pain management, and more
–More fun!

Once you master the skills (and we make sure you do), you’ll be awarded a certificate as “Certified Hypnotist.”  Contact us with any questions. We’d love to share more with you of this fun and power we call hypnosis!

All the Best, Connie & Michael
Michael and Connie Brannan, CHt.
Master Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapists
Licensed Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists
Design Human Engineers®
Persuasion Engineers®
Certified Stage Hypnotists

The clinical side of our work:

All of our training courses, including hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming certification programs), and stage hypnosis training are here on our Course Calendar:

Calendar – Our Training Dates 2020

PS: Class size is limited to ensure personal attention and feedback, so hurry and grab your opportunity.

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