Self Hypnosis for the Win!

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Self Hypnosis for the Win!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Another happy client report has arrived.  Claudio was having health issues.  In addition to our in-office work, I gave him a tool to take home:  self hypnosis.  Here’s his report:

“Connie Thank you. I keep doing self-hypnosis and it keeps helping me!!  I improved my circulatory system (my hands are no longer cold) and I have much more energy.” Claudio K, Seattle, WA

Good job, Claudio!

One of the services I offer to private clients is self hypnosis training.  Not just any method of self hypnosis.  INSTANT self hypnosis!

We actually set up a trigger to bring trance state on demand, fast, faster, fastest.  And we set up a stabilization and deepening of the hypnotic state of mind as part of the process.  It’s like walking into your kitchen, and flipping a switch:  Light on!  You activate the code we set up and:  Hypnosis on!  It really is that easy.

We set it up and we test this trigger in office.

And I also teach the ins and outs of self hypnosis.  How to get in it.  How to come out of it.  How to use it.  How to use language to set goals into action.

Sometimes, a prospective client asks me:  “What are the negative side effects of hypnosis?”  The answer is easy:  NONE.  Hypnosis is safe, fun, and powerful.  Ask Claudio.

All the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Clinical Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Originator of Designer Feelings®
Originator of Designer Beliefs®
Design Human Engineer™
Persuasion Engineer™
Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist
Managing Partner, Mindworks Hypnosis

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