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Goodbye to Procrastination – Hypnosis Client Testimonial

Pump up your business success.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Here’s another happy client report.  Love to get good news from my clients about how our NLP and hypnotherapy work is changing and shaping their success.

“I have been able to pick up the phone without hesitation for numerous types of business calls, which I would have procrastinated on before. This is the most amazing difference and the most important, since this directly relates to me getting the referrals I need that lead to my income.”  –B. P., Bellevue, WA

That’s right, the right state of mind fuels success in business. And in life. Procrastination is built on fear. We remove fear, and replace it with confidence, motivation, and “go for it.”

If you’re stuck anywhere on the list below, we can help. No ideas? We install inspiration and creativity. Not starting a project? We install passion and a sense of pleasure and immediacy. Not finishing? We install energy and confidence and motivation. How would you rather feel and then you can be successful? We create that.

Where are you on this list?

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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