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Update: Thankfully, this shutdown has ended, and our valued Federal employees can get paid. This will alleviate huge amounts of stress. Good! I was pleased to offer this hypnotic experience CD to help. If you downloaded it for free, please continue to use it! The unconscious mind likes repetition…it’s like hammering a nail into a piece of wood. You hit it once. It goes in. You hit it again. It goes in deeper. You hit it again. It goes in deeper. Ultimately, it’s all the way in and flush with the wood. We want positive ideas ALL the way in there. This CD has been and is again available for purchase as well. Here.

Thanks again to our Federal employees. You are invaluable! All the Best, Connie

Hello, hypnosis friends!

Government workers are taking a beating right now, here in the Seattle area and everywhere!  Shuttered down!  Due to no fault of their own, the government is shut down, and these employees are either not working and getting no pay, or (worse) working without pay.  Both are a terrible state of affairs.  And it drags on and on.  This is the definition of STRESSFUL for government workers and their families.  Uncertainty.  Anxiety.  Fear.

I want to help!  I do sell a stress release hypnosis audio CD on my products page.  Right now, however, I am offering this as a FREE download to Federal workers affected by this shutdown.  And their families!

We want you to feel better, and now!  Stress is a killer.  Calm, relaxed, balanced, focused, a new perspective.  A moment to breathe.  That’s a better choice!  Follow this link to get access to our hypnosis audio for stress management hypnosis.


Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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