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Alert the Media! – Special Hypnosis Event!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Michael and I are offering a special hypnosis event in the Greater Seattle area on Feb 9th.  It’s a seminar designed to help people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.   I’m sharing our press release below!

Coincidentally, yesterday I was talking to a man who works at a gym.  He was commenting how quickly people “give up” on their goals, and New Year’s Resolutions about fitness in particular.  Right now, this time of year the gym is packed (with good intentions and bodies wanting to work out and get fit) and then in a few days to weeks it’s “back to normal.”  Only a few dedicated regulars.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  I gave him my business card!

Here’s our press release.  Michael and I would love to share this tool called hypnosis with you.  It’s something amazing!

New Year’s Resolutions Seminar – Mindworks NLP, a Greater Seattle Career School, Offers a Special Hypnosis Event Feb 9th, 2019

Clinical Hypnotherapists & Licensed Trainers of NLP®, Connie & Michael Brannan, offer a live, hands-on hypnosis training event in the Greater Seattle area on February 9th: “Achieve New Year’s Resolutions – Power of Mind.” 

Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA. Licensed private career school, Mindworks NLP, is pleased to announce an upcoming live training event. Residents of Greater Seattle metro area now have a smarter, simpler, more effective option for success with New Year’s Resolutions such as quit smoking and healthy eating.

Hypnosis is described by scientific journal, New Scientist, in a meta study as “The most effective way of giving up smoking.” (New Scientist, issue #1845, October 31, 1992, p6.) In fact, hypnosis is a powerful and effective way of achieving a variety of goals.

Mindworks NLP ( is offering a live, hands-on experiential seminar on Feb 9th in Bellevue, WA. The seminar is titled: Achieve New Year’s Resolutions – Your Power of Mind. Professional hypnotherapists & Licensed Trainers of NLP®, Connie & Michael Brannan, will be conducting and instructing.

This one-day seminar includes:
— lecture on how the mind works, and insights into change
— lecture on unconscious mind-compatible goal setting
— a guided hypnotherapy experience designed to engineer your goals
— installation of an instant trigger for self-hypnosis wherein you can program goals into your own unconscious mind
— a complete instruction of a simple and fast self-hypnosis process you
can do in 5 minutes a day
— a copy of Michael Brannan’s book, Beyond the Conscious Mind: The Magic of
— a copy of Michael Brannan’s hypnosis CD audio product, Self-Hypnosis Mastery – Secrets of Instant Trance

For more about Connie & Michael Brannan:
Mindworks NLP (school: offers a variety of mind power training courses, including hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming certification programs), and stage hypnosis training. Connie & Michael Brannan also offer private sessions of NLP blended with hypnotherapy in their clinical practice, Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP (clinic:

Contact: Connie Brannan, CHt & Licensed Trainer of NLP®

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