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Hypnosis, NLP and the Fast Phobia Cure

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP to remove fear and phobias.
Give your fear the heave-ho!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Fear is useful.  Sometimes.  Imagine a leopard has escaped his cage at the zoo and is ready to strike!  Fear (that fight or flight) kicks in.  The sensible FLIGHT response pumps adrenaline into your body and helps you run really, really fast in the opposite direction.  It might save your life.

HOWEVER, fear in ordinary day to day life is not useful.  Downright ridiculous, in fact.  I use to have a severe fear of spiders.  It’s gone.  That’s what NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, can do!  My fear is gone.  It’s hard to describe how amazing and powerful and wonderful that is for someone’s life–when irrational and unnecessary fear vanishes.  I was tormented for decades with this fear.  Never dreaming it could be gone so quickly.

Here’s a brief video I made with the actual issues that clients have brought to me.  Their own personal phobias–that no longer exist.  If I added all such client phobia-inducers, the video would have been an hour long.  Fear can be attached to anything.  And it can be unattached.  It’s not rational to have a fear of dinosaurs.  And yet, she had one.  Until we removed it.  I’ve had clients with a fear of the wind (bad one), fear of record stores, fear of overripe bananas, fear of needles, fear of flying, fear of crowds, fear of helium balloons, and so on.

It’s all movable furniture in the mind.

Learn more any time!  I’m happy to meet with you and explain what I do and how I can help make your phobia a thing of the past.

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