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Success with hypnotherapyHello, Greater Seattle Hypnosis Friends!

There are two kinds of change, and both are wonderful for helping a life to be more in alignment with goals and desires: remedial change and generative change.

Remedial change is characterized by this mindset:  I have a problem, that I want to change.  Something needs “fixing.”  I need to lose weight, for example.  I need to refocus on a healthy lifestyle.  Or, I need to dump this cigarette habit.  Or, I need to get over this irrational fear of getting on the airplane.  There are things you want to start doing, and there are things you want to stop doing.  Change.  This type of change is wonderful.  In the literature, we call this:  self-improvement.

Generative change is somewhat different.  It’s characterized by this mindset:  I’m good, I want more, and I’m capable of it. Generative change is more aptly called:  self-development.  You may already be fantastic at a skill-set. You want more!  You may be a creative person, but you’d like unconscious help to be more creative.  More inspired.  More focused on success.  More motivated.  Or more athletic.

Most of our services work on helping build success in both of these types of change at once.  However, here are some of our services that lend especially well to generative change success and positive outcomes:

* Improve Salesmanship

* Enhance Creativity

* Improve Memory

* Improve Sports Performance

* Improve Study Habits

* Learn Self-Hypnosis

Tweaking and optimizing.  Those words are not just for websites, they are for lives as well.  We’re using such a tiny, infinitesimal part of our brain power.  More is good. Hypnosis unlocks that potential and helps us to be more of what we want for ourselves and that helps us be successful and enjoy life more.  And that’s what it’s all about.  Join me in these brain and life enhancing adventures called hypnosis and NLP.

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