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It’s Not a Warning — It’s a Hypnotic Suggestion for Addiction

Smokeless Tobacco is addictive.Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I’m helping a client to quit chewing tobacco.  It’s a habit he’s been doing for 25+ years!  He informed me as we started:  “I’m addicted to tobacco.”  He took that idea on board and created a belief out of it.  He believed he could never quit against the power of ADDICTION, therefore he delayed seeking help to do so.

The good news:  skilled NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming makes short work of removing “addictions.”  The mind controls the body, and that includes chemical responses.  The antidote to addiction is choice.  We can find and install new and different unconscious choices, and voila, there is no addiction.  I know this is true because I remove “addictions” daily, and did so for myself as well:  no more sugar addiction for me.

So, this client had his first session to quit chewing tobacco, and it went amazingly well.  At the end of the session, he was so convinced of his power of choice and control over tobacco, that he tossed his tobacco can into my garbage can.  Yay!  The work we did together looks great and we’ll see how he does in the world.

Later, I fished the tobacco out of the garbage (I use it for testing future clients).  And I was struck by this “warning label.”  “Smokeless tobacco is addictive.”  Wow!  This is not a warning to create non-use of tobacco.  It’s the opposite!   It’s a suggestion.  A suggestion which, if accepted, creates addiction.

Conscious mind will look at the words and say:  “Oh, I shouldn’t be doing this, should I?”  And reach in for more tobacco.  Conscious mind does not control the habit.  UNconscious mind will look at the words and, as the obedient servant it is, create what is suggested.  UNconscious mind says:  “Ok, we can do that!” and creates addiction.  If this is meant to be a “warning label,” it is a miserable failure.  I suspect that tobacco manufacturers hope this idea will go into the mind, be accepted, and create an addiction.

Every time my client reached into that can to use chewing tobacco, a suggestion was being made to the UN-conscious mind:  Addiction!  Addiction!  So, the unconscious mind agreed.  And created addiction.

Words have power.Ideas are power.  Words are power.  What I do at my office is help work new ideas into the mind so that we get to choose what we create in our world.  I’m very, very attuned to words and how they impact the mind, both consciously and UNconsciously.  This so-called warning label is not helpful to quit tobacco, quite the opposite instruction is being given to the mind.  And that’s not good.

If you need help to stop tobacco, or other “addictions,” there really is help.  Addictions can be anything, sugar, alcohol, gambling, spending, even negative thinking.  I help pull you out of existing patterns and create new ones.  I’m a Licensed Trainer of NLP® and I have tools to help.  Find out more:

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