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Another Client Success: Sleep Improvement

Perfect sleep, with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.
Perfect Sleeping, with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Hi, Seattle Hypnosis Friends!

I love to hear from my clients of their ongoing success after our NLP and hypnosis work together.  Erin H. of Seattle sent me an update today.

“I’m doing really well. I’m sleeping much better and feeling more relaxed.” — Erin H., Seattle, WA

Short and sweet and to the point.  Yay!

Those two things go together, by the way.  Feeling more relaxed and sleeping better.  We don’t JUST work on sleep and insomnia, we work on whatever was getting in the way of good sleep.  It might be pain.  It might be stress.  It might be an overactive mind that won’t shut off.  In Erin’s case and many others, it was stress.  We took out stress, here comes relaxed, and here, also, comes improved sleeping.  Like dominoes!

If pain is affecting your sleep patterns, hypnosis can help.  (I help with pain management in general, too.)  If stress is affecting you in a negative way, be it sleep issues or stress EATING, or fingernail biting, or what have you, hypnosis can help!  Whatever’s bothering you and making life less than, let’s work it and change it!

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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