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She Loves to Fly and It Shows – Hypnosis Ends Fear of Flying

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“Connie Brannan, you cured me of my fear of flying 4 years ago!  Now I jetset all by myself and I’m completely fine!  You changed my life!!!!  I cannot say enough good things about you!” – Kristen Halley, Bothell, WA.

I love to hear, that years after our work, the positive changes are holding and growing.  That’s our intent, and that’s our results!  Yay, Kirsten!  Enjoy your travels and  your freedom to hop a plane at SeaTac or anywhere!

If irrational and unnecessary fear is a “thing,” in your life, it doesn’t have to be.  Remove it.  The right tool kit in the right hands can make it happen.  Call me, and learn how.  Fear can be attached to anything, public speaking, spiders, flying, helium balloons, record stores, dentists, etc.  And it can be UNattached.

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