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Sleep Improvement – And So Much More

Perfect sleep, with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.
Perfect Sleeping, with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Hi, Seattle Hypnosis Friends!

Another happy client!  I’m pleased to share another report of successful life changes. Patti N, of Maple Valley, WA.  came in to address a lifelong issue with sleep.  She had three sessions of Neuro Linguistic Programming with hypnotherapy.  Here’s her report:

“I have made great internal changes from the time I have spent with Connie Brannan. I am so grateful for all I’ve learned in several different areas of my life, but most importantly my ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. I’ve struggled with sleep issues since my childhood and with Connie’s help in just a few sessions, can now “put those issues to rest”. Literally.

Connie is caring, positive, skilled and knowledgeable. She makes you feel welcome, comfortable and emotionally safe from the moment you step into her office. She has a wide variety of tools to help overcome the conscious negative self and it’s unhealthy perspective and attitudes and build new pathways in your subconscious to bring about positive changes in your life. I highly recommend her.” – Patti N., Maple Valley, WA

You see, we don’t just tackle one problem.  We tackle whatever creates the problem.  And then we un-create it!    In this case, sleep issues were driven by anxiety.  Anxiety was driven by negative thinking and ideas Patti had about self.  We changed ALL.  She feels better about herself now, anxiety leaves, and sleep improves.  All at the same time.  This is our goal always at Mindworks Hypnosis and NLP, and our current success with Patti.

It’s the same with any unwanted and/or destructive behavior.  As I like to say, we “go big or go home” with positive changes.  People get so much more than they bargain for when they come to work with me.  For example, we won’t just stop your fingernail biting.  We’ll end your anxiety.  No brag, just fact.

If you have some changes to make, my blend of Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy, plus other tools I incorporate (Designer Feelings®, Designer Beliefs®, reiki energy work, parts therapy, timeline work, and more) is a powerful blend to help.  Find out more anytime.  Call me!  425-564-8608, and I’m happy to set up a consultation meeting with you.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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