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Hypnosis is “The Best Gift I Ever Gave Myself!”

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Hi, Hypnosis Blog Readers:  Here’s another happy client reporting on happy life changes:

“Initially I went to Connie feeling like I needed help with drinking too much alcohol and smoking. I was kind of skeptical because of what I had heard others say in the past about hypnosis but after meeting Connie on our consultation I felt like I would like to try it anyway.

I knew that self-esteem and confidence was the real issue all my life, but Prozac can only do so much for you…I’ve had 25+ years of depression and eating issues and drinking issues. After working with Connie for 4 sessions I say proudly that I actually have that self-confidence and motivation to take charge and make changes in my life.  It was the best gift I ever gave myself!

I recommend Connie to anyone struggling with similar issues that they want help with, she is very skilled and she personalizes things to work best for you.”

Anonymous, Renton, WA.

I’ll say it again.  When you change your mind, you change your life.  Bravo to “A” of Renton, WA.  “A” is taking control of life.  And that’s a good thing!  Goodbye to 25+ years of “depression” and unhealthy drinking behaviors.  Hypnosis works!

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