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Feel Great and Lose Weight — In that Order!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I came across this interesting photo and article on the internet, about so called “Body Positivity.” Embracing obesity as attractive.

While I applaud people for finding a place in themselves where they feel good, I know there’s a way to feel good about yourself AND achieve a healthier weight.  It’s called hypnosis.

Overweight almost my entire life, “body positivity” did not exist during my formative years. Actually, people that liked fat, that was considered some kind of weird fetish. So, I don’t go there. I can’t. Overweight is not attractive to me.  And even if you successfully convince yourself that overweight is attractive, there’s no denying the health risks. Overweight will shorten your life!

I didn’t like how I looked, and I KNEW it wasn’t healthy. I’m glad I never fell into a “body positivity” mindset.  Oherwise, I wouldn’t be enjoying the health and energy I’ve been enjoying for the past 10 years at a lighter weight.  A better quality of life.  Knowing I’m going to have MORE life.  What happened to me 10 years ago that changed my life and changed my body? I discovered hypnosis.

Hypnosis & NLP for effective long term weight loss.And I lost weight.  Skilled Hypnotherapy and NLP make weight loss easier than you think. It’s based on HOW you think. I’m now lighter (a LOT) and have kept it off for about 10 years. Here’s my before/after pics and an article, Feel Great & Lose Weight, that I’ve written about the transformation:

Feel Great & Lose Weight

“Fat acceptance.”  Acceptance usually means, it’s something I can’t change.  In terms of your weight and eating and health habits, that’s false.  You can change.  I can help you do it.

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