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Useful Truths – Designer Beliefs®

RapportHi, Hypnosis Friends!

We have a saying at Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP about beliefs: they’re like wall paper.  If you like what you have up there, you keep it and enjoy it.  If you grow tired of it or it’s not what you want anymore, you tear it down and put up something new.  Changing it is easy.

People think beliefs are REAL things, tangible in the world like a chair or a book.  No. They are ideas.  And ideas are only real when we believe them to be.  And we can change what we believe at any time, in ways that are useful to us.  We do just that in our office, with our unique and trademarked service:  Designer Beliefs ®.  We custom design and help you adopt useful beliefs.

Henry Ford, the automaker, said it succinctly:  “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”  Absolutely.  The difference between success and procrastination or apathy is belief.  The difference between taking action and just idle wishing, is belief. Belief moves us.

If a man comes into our office to quit smoking and says:  “I’m a nicotine addict.  I’m a hard core smoker, been doing it for 20 years.  It’s such an addiction that I know I will be smoking forever.  I love smoking, it’s the only thing that helps me relax.”  Is that series of beliefs useful to help him quit smoking?  Hell, no!  Those beliefs hold the smoking habit in place.

What if we could change how he’s thinking?  How about a set of beliefs like:  “I’m in control of what I do.  I can change habits at any time.  Smoking is a useless behavior, and I’m done with it.  I can do this.  I even feel more relaxed without cigarettes.  I deserve to be healthy.”

If he has those new beliefs in place, guess what?  It’s so much easier to quit smoking. They facilitate change.  They’re useful beliefs.

With Designer Beliefs ®, we do just that.  Remove less than useful beliefs, and install new ones.  It’s an open-eyed collaborative affair, built on principles of NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming.

This trademarked service is unique to Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  It’s something I’ve developed over the years, working one on one with people.  Our sister service, Designer Feelings ® asks the question:  “How would you rather feel?”  And we create a state of mind and body that leads to success, any success.  With Designer Beliefs ®, we ask:  “What beliefs would be useful and lead to your success?”  And, again, we create them in you.

If you’re ready for REAL life change, and want it quick, come experience Designer Feelings ® and Designer Beliefs ®.  If you want to pussyfoot around change and talk about it rather than DO change, go somewhere else.  Like to a talk therapy, or a counselor.   We’re very different.  Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP is all about success. Yours.

Come learn more anytime.  We do offer a free in office consultation.

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