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Weight Loss Transformation with Hypnosis

Weight loss success Connie Brannan.
Making changes!   Keeping changes!  Connie 2016.

Hi, Hypnosis friends and enthusiasts! And curious parties!

Here is another updated photo I call “face compare.” It’s me and my ongoing weight loss success.

These two photos show my face before hypnosis (circa 2005), and now. The photo on the right was taken yesterday in my office.

When I created my website, Mindworks Hypnosis, in 2007, I used a pic similar to this.  I’m sharing it below. It showed my transformation at the time.

Weight loss success story.
Changes as of 2007.

What does this show? Long term success. 10 years at a lighter weight.

You hear all the time about people going to wild extremes in dieting or adopting a boot camp like workout regimen and dropping a ton of weight.  Think about that show, “The Biggest Loser.”  Where are those “losers” now, a year or two later?  They’ve gained it back!  Those regimens are not natural and cannot be maintained long term.  Hypnosis is something very different.  It creates winners!

It changes YOU so that you automatically do the healthy choices.  It may take longer to get where you want to go, but once you arrive, you get to stay there.  Lifestyle changes. This is a huge and amazing difference between these modalities and a “diet.”

I know whereof I speak.  This is my life.  I’m doing it.  And I can help you do it.  Let’s just say I have the proper understanding and mind set and SKILL set to help you get it done.  “It” being your new healthy body and habits and outlook on life and new positive self image.  This thing called thinner is really something wonderful, more wonderful than any secret twinkie.

Call me and find out more anytime.  Come in, meet me, and have a free consult! My hypnosis clinic is conveniently located south of downtown Bellevue in the lovely Bellefield Office Park, and I’m ready to help!  Take a nature walk along the canal when we’re done talking, it’s a gorgeous park-like setting.

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm)All the Best,

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