Free Webinar on Hypnosis: Learn More, Be More, Help More

Free hypnosis webinar.Michael and I live, eat, and breathe hypnosis! It’s our “bag,” it’s our gig. We love doing it, and we love teaching it, as well. We are offering a FREE WEBINAR event tomorrow evening. Tuesday, June 28th, 7 – 8 pm. It’s in conjunction with our “Discover the Magic of Hypnosis” course.

Join us online! Discover the Magic of hypnosis! (And discover a free bonus if you stay to the end.) Registration link is here:

Discover how to really use hypnosis as you master your own self development!

In this mind-opening webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How hypnosis can be used as a seemingly magical tool for self-development
  • How to really use hypnosis in therapeutic work–you’ll take existing skills to the next level and beyond
  • How to market your hypnosis practice for maximum profit, self-satisfaction and personal contribution to the world
  • Discover how hypnosis is perfect for chiropractors, body workers, counselors and everywhere you interact with others!
  • Much more!

What kind of successes can you expect from our certification training? Here’s the scoop from a couple former students of “Discover the Magic of Hypnosis”:

“Connie and Michael are the best!! They really teach all the important things about hypnosis in a concise and positive way, and give you the tools you need to succeed. They are a pleasure to learn from, and I feel very confident to start my own practice. I can’t thank them enough! Highly recommended!!” – Dawn F., Seattle, WA

“What a grand journey. A mere 4 days, and how very far I have traveled! Studying with Connie and Michael was such a pleasure. Both are fabulous instructors, making learning fun and exciting. And I became a hypnotist! Wow!

Initially just the concept of learning trance induction was overwhelming but, with their combined years of experience and knowledge, technique and practical tips, the Brannans guided me through it all, filling me with confidence along the way. In fact, just one single technique alone made it worth the price of admission for me.

If you have any interest in learning hypnosis, trance induction and accessing the untapped resources of the human mind, Mindworks NLP is definitely the place to be. Once again, many thanks!” – Jon Komatsu, Seattle, WA

Yay, for new hypnotherapists. I say, the more the merrier, and yay for more success, joy, and helping in the world. You might notice a common theme in the comments: confidence. We use hypnosis to teach hypnosis, and installing confidence in our students is always on our agenda. Obviously, we were successful.

Now is the time for hypnosis.

Michael and I are teaching our 4 day live hypnosis training event again, July 7 – 10, 2016, through the school side of our work, Mindworks NLP. It’s always a fabulous experience, with lots of fresh minds opening up to the power of words, unconscious creativity and problem-solving ability. We love to unleash newly minted “Certified Hypnotists” for the betterment of the world, and specifically, the Seattle area.

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