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Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Happy is not some elusive thing “other people” get to experience.  It’s a state of mind we can all achieve easily.  This state alters our mood, our body chemistry, our thinking and our actions.

Here is an amazing video laying out a formula for happiness:

It’s easy enough to say:  be more positive.  Feel gratitude.  Shut off the overly analytical conscious mind, live in the moment, and etc.  But how?

There is an answer:  hypnosis!  Hypnosis accelerates and achieves every one of these, first and foremost, getting the overly analytical mind offline for a time and out of our way.

Happy doesn’t need a reason to happen.  We can make it happen at any time for no reason.  That’s the power of our minds.  Learn more here:


Happy is my stock in trade.  It’s what I live, and what I sell.  If you would like a boost or total transfusion of happy into your life, we can do that.  Call me and find out how.

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