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Self Hypnosis for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss @ Bellevue College

Lose weight with Seattle's most effective hypnotherapy & NLPHi, Hypnosis Friends and Enthusiasts!

We have an expression in the “biz.”  “All hypnosis is self hypnosis.”  This is true.  It’s a learning state of mind we put ourselves into.  It happens naturally all the time.  And it can happen by design.  That’s our traditional understanding of the words “self hypnosis.”

And there can be triggers for INSTANT hypnosis, like flipping a light switch, from awake to hypnosis.  That’s what I install for students at Bellevue College who take my Self Hypnosis for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss course.  It starts tomorrow, June 1st.

Who wants in?  This is an amazing tool.

It’s like the old expression:  “Give a man a fish and he has dinner tonight.  Teach him HOW to fish, and he has an endless supply of dinners.” Self hypnosis is fishing for personal development!

Join me in this marvelous adventure.  I invite you.  It’s two evenings wherein we stuff your mind full of new understandings of what is hypnosis, how does the mind work, how do we create change in ourselves, some language of influence, and this instant trigger for trance is installed. You learn to DO self hypnosis.  You learn and you play.  It’s experiential. Hypnosis happens.

Fun, fun, fun.  That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm)All the Best,

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