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Another 5-Star Google Review for Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP and an End to Anxiety.

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Hi, Hypnosis Friends and Enthusiasts!

I had a favorite TV show years ago, called “The X-Files.”  There was a catch-phrase popularized by that show:  “The truth is out there!”  Well, yes it is!

What is the truth about the positive healing power of my blend of Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy?  I share lots and lots of success stories on my website HERE!  Beyond that, however, there’s more!  Check out the newest “5-stars out of 5” review about my services which has recently been posted on google by a client:

“This works!!! I dubbed Connie “my fairy godmother” because I can’t believe how fast and easy and brilliant her techniques work. I went to her for severe anxiety, one session and I was handling the challenges in my life without panic attacks.

I went back for insomnia, after one session I was sleeping like a sweet little creature curled up in pillows. There have been other side benefits of my work with her that include confidence and getting my sense of humor back.

I highly respect this woman – her integrity, her talents, her heart and how effective her work has been in my life. I can not say enough about how easy, natural and powerful hypnosis and NLP are. If you have tried everything, stop struggling and go see Connie!”  — Marcela Kenevan, Gig Harbor, WA.

Thank you, Marcela!  Your success makes me so happy, and I say:  “High Five! to the unconscious mind!”

Hypnosis (and NLP–my favorite variety of hypnosis) have been misunderstood and under-estimated by the majority of the world for at least my lifetime.  One of my personal and professional goals is that the truth finds its way out there, client by client, success story by success story, one mind at a time.  And it is!

Connie Brannan, CHt.All the best,
Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP