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Discover the Magic of Hypnosis – LIVE 4 Day Training

Mindworks NLPHi, Hypnosis Enthusiasts!

Here’s an event notice regarding the teaching side of what we do.  Through our Washington State licensed private career school, Mindworks NLP, Michael and I are offering a LIVE hypnosis training this month.  It’s 4 days of fun and power for those who want to learn how to do this work and unleash the problem-solving abilities of the mind for themselves or clients.

“The Magic of Hypnosis – An Introduction to Hypnotic Techniques and Therapeutic Suggestions for Change.” — August 29 – September 1, 2014 $795.00.  More info is here:

Discover the magic of hypnosis. It’s for the beginner and professional hypnotherapist alike. Learn and hone existing skills through live experiential hands-on trainings with the best–Connie and Michael–both are master hypnotists!

You’ll learn the fundamentals of hypnosis. Powerful hypnotherapeutic processes. What is hypnosis, how to hypnotize, how to influence the unconscious mind. You’ll learn how to make lasting and powerful suggestions. You’ll learn how to connect people’s motivations to their goals in irresistible ways. You’ll learn how to create change that is easy, immediate and positive.

You’ll learn:
–how to hypnotize
–formal trance inductions
–instant inductions
–the art of dynamic sugestions
–direct suggestions that pack a whallop
–indirect suggestions (Ericksonian language)
–what is hypnosis, & how to recognize it
–the art of the “pretalk”
–guiding clients through well formed outcomes
–and more!

Sign Up Now!  Hypnotherapy Training 4 days

Call Connie at 425-564-8608 to enroll now for our amazing life-changing hypnotherapy program. Get the life you want through the transformational power of hypnosis.

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