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Goodbye, Anxiety! Client Testimonial of Success for Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Marcela KenevanMarcela Kenevan of Gig Harbor, WA came to me in a state of anxiety, fear and uncertainty over recent and unfolding events in her life.  Those unpleasant states of mind and body are over.  She’s feeling like herself again, confident and powerful, and happy.

What does NLP and hypnosis do?  It gets you in touch with your own resourcefulness (good feelings).  When you feel good, you think differently, and you make different and better choices for your life.  NLP updates the programming in your mind so that this new resourcefulness sticks and becomes the automatic you in the places where un-resourcefulness (bad feelings) used to live.  Change is amazingly fast.  NLP has been called “hypnosis on steroids.”  I think that’s accurate.  🙂

Here is Marcela, feeling good and sharing her new state of mind.  Hold on to your power state, Marcela.  It looks good on you.

Check out the positive power of hypnosis & NLP anytime.  We offer a free in-office consult, when you’d like to learn more.

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