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Another Testimonial of Hypnosis & NLP Success for Mindworks Hypnosis.

Create your future.
Create your future.

“I was at a proverbial crossroads in my life and knew it was time to make some changes, examine my ambitions & goals and move bravely forward into my future – perhaps an entirely new future. However, before I could do that, I needed to release some patterns & beliefs that had been holding me back.

When I discovered Mindworks, I suspected it could be ideal for my needs. One consultation with Connie and I knew I had found the perfect place and the perfect person to help me. I was immediately at ease with Connie. Her ability to compassionately and skillfully blend techniques of NLP and hypnosis allow the client to discover solutions to their own issues and problems. I trust her. I believe in her and the tools that she passionately & masterfully uses to guide you to your own truth.”  Kerry D., Kent, WA.

I’m happy when my clients “get it.”  It being an understanding of their own power and what this process called hypnosis really is.  Hypnosis is not my power over a client, it’s a client becoming empowered in his/her own life and choices.  And that is absolutely under their control.

People aren’t really stuck.  They just think they are.  Until they realize otherwise.  Hypnosis helps in that realization.  I love this work, and I love how powerful people are, when they decide to tap into the riches inside their own minds.

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