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Bellevue College Continuing Education Says Thank You for Hypnosis!

Hi, Guys!

I got something very nice in the mail yesterday.  A certificate of appreciation from Bellevue College for my “teaching and community engagement” for my hypnosis courses and hypnosis work.  🙂  VERY nice.  I’ve framed it and it will go up on the “I love me” wall at my office with the other trainings, certifications, diplomas, and awards I have received.

Bellevue College says "thank you" for hypnosis courses.
Bellevue College says "thank you" for hypnosis courses.

This certificate was sent to me in conjunction with Governor Gregoire’s newly proclaimed Part-time Faculty Appreciation Day for the State of Washington.  Yay!  It’s nice to be appreciated.

My next go-round at Bellevue College starts next month.  I’m offering two courses this quarter, one on Healthy Hypnosis, Let Go of Weight in March, and A Chance To Trance:  Discover Hypnosis for Goal Achievement in February.

It’s fun to share what I love.

Warm Regards,