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Do the Healthy Changes from Hypnosis Last? Ask Kristen!

Pop the Cola Addiction, with Mindworks Hypnosis!

One of the concerns and worries often expressed by potential clients is the question:  Do the changes last?  If we end the habit (or the fear, or the urge or what have you) will it stay gone long term?  YES!!!  Once you upgrade the program in your mind, it stays upgraded, unless you change it again.

Here’s more evidence.  Kristen Oulten of Renton, WA came in for help with a cola addiction.  That was MONTHS ago.  Here’s her current report:

“Hello again Connie, Well, it’s December and I haven’t had any Coke or Pepsi since my session with you last February (woo hoo!).   My first experience with hypnosis and NLP was a success! Thank you!”

 — Kristen Oulton, Renton, WA

Yay, Kristen!

I know it works myself.  As I’ve often spoken about, I had a SEVERE spider phobia for most of my life–we’re talking decades.  In one brief NLP session, fear and panic was changed to calm and clear-minded.  And it’s been six years now.  Six years and the calm is still in place.  NLP works!  Hypnosis works.

Find out for yourself.  I know it’s a leap of faith to believe change can happen so easily and permanently.  Hypnosis when skillfully wielded (that’s the clincher–based on the skill set of the hypnotist helper) is AMAZING.  I like to share outcomes that people have experienced with me and my work.  Because I love hypnosis and I know its power and I’m good at it.

Someone told me, you know, people don’t usually talk that way.  Confident, she meant.  Yes, I’m confident.  I know what I know and the proof is in the pudding.  Kristen, above, is more pudding.

I hope you’re all having some happy holidays, and when you’re ready to see some positive changes in your life, well, we can do it!

Warm Regards,