Why did Michael Buy this Book? — The Power of Unconscious Communications.

Unconscious Communications
Non conscious communications in action!

Hi, Hypno-Friends.

This is a funny story.  Yesterday, Michael and I were browsing books in Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  Michael grabbed a book off the shelf, looked at it for a moment and informed me he was buying it.  It was another book on unconscious communications.   We have a LOT of those books at home.  I asked him:  “Does it look good?”  He said:  “Yes!  I’m buying it.  There’s something about it, I noticed it right away.”  I said:  “Perhaps it’s that brilliant green cover.”  🙂

So, we browse more, and eventually end up at the checkout register.

As the book is sitting on the counter, I notice that there are some words on the cover that I had not seen before, secret words:  “Hey, there, Sexy!  Yes, you.  Buy this book now.  You know you want it!”  The words are invisible unless the book catches the light just so, and then creates a momentary silvery shine based on a difference in paper surface.  We laughed uproariously.

Looking further, we also noticed that along the spine were the secret words:  BUY, BUY, BUY, and on the back in HUGE letters BUY, BUY, BUY and also on the inside jacket flaps.  I asked Michael if he had noticed the words while looking at the book.  Nope!   But of course, he had!  With his UNconscious mind.  The unconscious notices everything–taking in billions of pieces of information in any given moment.

Too funny!  🙂  The proof is in the behaviors.   This purchase supports the premise of the book itself — unconscious communications affect our choices.  Michael wanted the book, and bought the book!  Why?  Was it just his innate interest in the topic?  Or did those invisible words add a motivational pull?  I think both.

This drives home the idea that drives my work.  Unconscious communications (things we are not aware of) have massive power over us.  This is my realm, this is my playground, to notice and change these things, and create more behavioral choices for people.

I’m reading this book that Michael bought, too.  Will take me all of five minutes.  But that’s another story–Michael and I are just now returning from a multi-day training on hypnotic reading.  Absorbing massive amounts of written information quickly using self hypnosis.  🙂

Think for a moment about what you don’t notice.  It’s noticing you.  And moving you.

Warm Regards,

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