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Newfound Confidence with the best in Seattle Hypnosis Services – Mindworks!

She found business success with Seattle’s best hypnosis services.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Mindworks Hypnosis has received another glorious testimonial of client success!  G. E. of Mill Creek, WA. (using her initials only, by request) used to have low self esteem and she lacked confidence and it was negatively impacting her work and her interactions with coworkers and managers.  Not any more!

Things are changing.  Read all about it, below.  Life success changes for G.E.  Less “nervous” and more “confidence” resulting in more “responsiblility, visibility and creativity.”  That’s what a powerful blend of the best of Seattle hypnotherapy services and the artistry of Neuro Linguistic Programming can do for a person.  G. E. sent two letters detailing her success with improved confidence after our sessions.

“Hi Connie, I promised you that I would get back to you about the results of a big meeting I was due to have with my manager:  it went well. I felt free to speak and wasn’t fearful in any way. Perhaps more telling is that my heart wasn’t pounding before the meeting. When this happened (in the past), I was so nervous that all my prep work went out the door and I wound up looking like I don’t know what I was talking about. But it didn’t happen in this case. I felt comfortable standing my ground and speaking up for my needs.

… I’m also finding myself speaking up more in meetings. When I don’t know what something is, I’m not afraid to ask the speaker for clarification.  In the past, I was too scared to look like a dummy.

So, all in all, some very positive changes are afoot. 🙂 Thank you for help with all this. I’m going to keep utilizing my newfound confidence.”

Regards, G. E., Mill Creek, WA.

And I received a follow up email:

“Since my last email, the proposal I was discussing with my manager during the meeting I referenced was subsequently approved by her superiors, giving me more responsibility, visibility and allowing me to be more creative. 🙂 If I hadn’t taken that first step of broaching the topic with her first, which I very likely wouldn’t have if I continued along my spiral of low-self esteem and lack of confidence, things wouldn’t be where they are today.”

Way to go, G. E.!  I love a success story.  G. E. is one!

This is what I do every day.  Work with people to become who they want to be, doing what they want to do, feeling the way they want to feel.  Life should be a positive adventure, not a negative experience.  How wonderful that these tools exists to change lives like G. E.  She had three sessions, and reversed that downward spiral she had found herself in previously.  Three weeks to a new life.  Are  you ready?

Warm Regards,