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High-Five!! to the Unconscious Mind

High-Five to the Unconscious Mind!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I was on a hypnosis forum this morning, and a hypnotist-wanna-be (he’s not there yet) was espousing on the evils of the unconscious mind. He called it “sad” and “destructive” and didn’t think it should be involved in decision making. Wrong! Wrong and double that for more wrong!

Wow, this guy doesn’t know what hypnosis is, and he doesn’t know how the mind works. All decisions come from the unconscious mind. All of them. Contrary to what we “think,” all our behaviors and decisions are driven by unconscious processing. That’s why we “think” we want to change something (like quit smoking), and yet we don’t do it. You have to get into the level of the unconscious mind to make changes, and there’s where hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP come into play.

Here’s what I believe: the unconscious mind is pure positive energy and it’s ALWAYS moving toward what it perceives as the best way to achieve positive goals. When new (more useful) choices are introduced, via our work–hypnotists & Nelpers–the unconscious mind says: “YES, yes, yes, that’s better and I’m going for it.” Fear becomes calm. Bored becomes motivated. Depressed becomes joy…and so on.  And new behaviors flow from there.

I LOVE unconscious minds, and it’s such a joy and privilege to communicate with them. High-Five to the unconscious mind!

Warm Regards,