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Does Your Hand Deserve Your Thumb?

Time to bloom.

I’m working with a girl right now whose father told her at a ripe impressionable age:  “you don’t deserve anything.”  One of the things her mind decided she didn’t deserve was health.  In her adult mind, she knows what her father MEANT for her to learn by that statement:  “you won’t be offered things on a silver platter, you have to work hard to achieve success.” BUT…what he said and what she heard, literally was:  YOU DON’T DESERVE ANYTHING.

Wow!  Her unconscious mind took that on board.  Absolutely literally.  What a terrible and damaging message–coming from someone who should be loving and nurturing.  I asked her yesterday if she deserved to breathe the air in the room, and I could see her internal struggle because she knew it should logically be “yes” yet she felt and believed it was “no.”  This blog entry is called:  “Does your hand deserve your thumb?”

I posed that question to my client yesterday, in trance.  “Does your hand deserve your thumb?”  We let her powerful unconscious mind percolate on what is natural, what is a part of us, and what is “deserved.”  I also asked her if a flower deserves sunshine, and to be nourished by rain and the nutrients in soil?  Does a flower deserve to bloom?  I sure think so!!  This lady is a flower who thinks she has no right to bloom.  I’m helping her to change her thinking–and her health!

Language is so much more powerful than people know.  One of the tragedies (and so unnecessary) of human life seems to be this parental business of installing negative and limiting and damaging beliefs in children.  The young mind has no conscious filter to block damaging ideas, like adults have.

A huge piece of my NLP and hypnotherapy work involves un-installing negative beliefs and re-installing power and possibility into lives.  I’m so happy this technology exists which creates healthy change so quickly and seamlessly.  I’m also so happy that I’ve been privileged to learn it, really learn it from the source of NLP himself, Dr. Richard Bandler, the best of the best of the best.

Unfortunately, I’m continually finding that other Seattle area hypnotists don’t have the skill set or the mind set for this work–and clients who have escaped their ineptitude come to me and tell me horror stories of non-helping and “hypnotists” even installing more limitations in them.  These unskilled ones are playing at being hypnotists, as a part time “I know enough to get by” kind of gig.  Luckily, they won’t be around for long, because they can’t deliver the results.

Go for quality.  Someone well trained and imaginative enough to understand the power of words to help and heal.

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