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How Do I Find a Good Seattle Hypnotherapist?

Seattle Hypnosis
Seattle Hypnosis – Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP is the real deal.

Hi, Seattle Hypnosis Friends!

“How do I find a good Seattle Hypnotherapist?” I’m a Team Member representing the professions of hypnosis and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming on a popular internet forum board. I’m often asked for advice on finding and choosing a hypnotist. Someone who’s “the real deal,” and not an unskilled fly by night.

Yes, the true, skilled, passionate “this is my life” successful hypnotists are out there. This is how you find them.  Word of mouth is great, but failing that, you’re going to be looking at the internet.

Focus on the focus.  It’s all comes down to a person in my profession’s focus and primary goal. Is it about marketing ploys and making money, or is about the joy of developing a skill set and making client successes? When you look at a person’s web presence, and/or meet them face to face, you’ll be able to notice the difference. I call it puff vs. passion.

Here’s a direct quote from a hypnotist visiting my forum board who said his goal was marketing himself for “truckloads of clients”: “I WANT MONEY AND LOTS OF IT. I WILL TRADE MY WIFE FOR MONEY. I WILL BETRAY GOD FOR MONEY. I WILL SELL MY KIDS. I HATE CLIENTS AND I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THEM. I WOULD EVEN GIVE MY MOTHER A PHOBIA AND CHARGE HER A “TRUCKLOAD OF MONEY” TO GET RID OF IT. I DON’T CARE.”

This attitude disturbs me greatly. Hypnosis is a helping profession, and people with such a money grubbing focus shouldn’t be in it.  It’s not about the “dough re mi” for me. It’s about doing something worthwhile, and making a difference in people’s lives. I figure that the financial rewards are a given, if I devote myself to the pursuit of excellence and helping people achieve their goals and their potential.

This guy quoted above:  I’m sure he’s hired a good SEO (search engine optimization) person to help him get ranked high on Google–because that’s what it’s about for him.  Or he’s paying for Google ads.

Here’s a tip:  Ignore those paid ads.  In my opinion, many times those listings at the top of the google pages which are highlighted as “paid ads” tell me the person is either brand new and/or not very good.  The real deal people rise in those listings as an “organic search” because of the substance and quality and CONTENT of their website.  My listing is organic.

Here are a few more clues to find a serious professional hypnotist vs. an unskilled hypnotist.

Certifications. I know it’s difficult for the lay person to know the difference between “printed this in my basement” certificates from newly created fake “professional orgs” vs. the real trainings that a professional would have from respected sources. Here’s a clue, the number and dates of certification. A dedicated professional keeps learning, and would have a variety of trainings under their belt. Studying a website, do your research on the hypnotist’s credentials.

Check out the organizations listed. How long have they been around and continuously active? Are they national? International? How many members, tens vs. thousands?  I’m a member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists). We have been around since the 1950’s–it’s the oldest and most well respected professional organization for hypnotists in the US. If they are hyping an NLP certification, find out if it’s through Dr. Richard Bandler or John Grinder or Steve Andreas. Those are the originators of NLP. Other “schools” (some legitimate, some a joke) offer far lesser versions of this power. The real deal people have paid the training bucks and spent the time honing their craft. And continue to do so.

Testimonials. How many, and in what form? Do they ring true? Do they contain details? Real clients don’t sing praises in generics, they tell stories.

Does the hypnotist share their passion and their interest in hypnosis on their website through a “blog?”  Does it seem to be a real blog or a fake blog?  Does it have any original content, or just recycled stale articles written by somebody else that may or may not be on topic but have some keywords in them for the search engines?  Do they create it  themselves, or do they just pay some outsourcer $5 for silly entries like “What is a hug?”  How frequently do they post?  A blog (like mine here) is another indicator of passion.  I LOVE hypnosis, I LOVE my blog, and I love writing and sharing my passion with you.

More things to examine to find the perfect Seattle hypnotist.  How long has a hypnotist been in business.  If you can’t find any history, that’s a red flag.

Are they registered with Washington State Dept. of Health as a professional hypnotherapist?  To do business in our state, that’s a legal requirement.

Are they an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau?  This shows a dedication and commitment and adherence to ethical business practices.  If they are with the BBB, what is their ranking?  Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP is an accredited business with the BBB, with an “A” ranking.

In any profession from auto mechanic to teacher to doctor to hypnotherapist, there are the “real deal” professionals and the also-rans.  “How do I find a good Seattle Hypnotherapist?”  Here’s one last tidbit to help you.  TRUST YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND.  I recommend meeting your prospective hypnotist face to face.  Intelligence shines.  Passion shines.  Trust your gut as to whether or not this person can help you.  If anything feels “off,” run for the door.

Hypnosis works.  Best in the hands of a skilled and passionate and professional practitioner.  They’re out there.  Me, for example.  My husband, Michael, for another.  Call us and meet us, check out our credentials, judge for yourself, and find the best hypnotherapists in the Seattle area.

Warm Regards,