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The Mad Hatter was On to Something!

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Hi, Hypno-Friends!

The other day I was re-reading parts of Alice in Wonderland, for pleasure.  Lewis Carroll was a master of wordplay, which I enjoy.  He was also a wise man.

I read this:

Alice:  This is Impossible
Mad Hatter:  Only if you believe it is.

Absolutely, yes.  What we believe to be true is or becomes true for us.  This is a large piece of what I do with clients — we find new, better, more useful truths, and create and install them in the mind.  The unconscious mind, with a truth in place, gives your life direction to achieving that, with nudges, pushes, noticing of opportunities, and forward momentum.

For example:  if a person believes that they can’t lose weight–they’re quite likely to achieve precisely that–NOT losing weight.  If a person believes they are “not good enough,” they will engage in unconscious self sabotage to make sure they don’t succeed.  If a person believes “nicotine is an addiction,” that makes it harder to quit smoking.  Beliefs may be useful.  “I can do it! This is easy!”  Or they may not:  “I’m lazy.”  If there’s some belief in your life which should NOT be true, it can absolutely be changed.  Let me help you to change it.  If there’s something which should be more true, let’s do that.  It’s all moveable furniture.

Here’s to new ways of thinking in your life becoming the new realities of your life!

Warm Regards,