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John CRUSHED the Tobacco Habit – with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Stop Smoking with Seattle's Best Hypnotherapists - Mindworks Hypnosis.
John M. of Seattle crushed the smoking habit!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Another story.  John came into my office the other day.  He was READY to quit smoking.  I mean, really ready.  He wanted to.  For some reason, he just couldn’t.  Until he could.  Hypnosis is a tool to sharpen focus, motivation, and bring resourcefulness.  TO ANYTHING!  It brought John the resourcefulness to quit smoking.

We had a Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy session.  It went fantastically well.  Now:  John is done with cigarettes.  He was so sure, he pulled out his last pack of cigarettes and gave them to me.  (I stick them in my desk and use them for testing purposes.)  Then he said:  “Wait.  No.  I want to CRUSH them.  I want to take the pack in my hand and I want to crush it.”  I gave them back, and he did.  Squeeze/crush that pack into oblivion.  Then he tossed it into the trash can.  We both photographed the event!  🙂

Fini!  He’s done with smoking and cigarettes.  Isn’t that like a breath of fresh air?  I like John and I’m so happy for him.  Here’s to his continuing power.  He didn’t even know that he had this massive resourcefulness inside himself to quit smoking instantly, I wonder what other wonderful things he can accomplish in his life?  That he hasn’t discovered?  Yet.

Hypnosis has gotten such a bum rap in the world, via ridiculous movies and “Hollyweird” presenting it so wrongly.  I’m glad that’s changing.  One life success at a time.  Yay, John!

Warm Regards,