Video Testimonial of Hypnosis Success – She Released Negative Emotions

Release Negative Emotions with Hypnosis.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I get a lot of positive feedback from the work I do.  Testimonials of transformation and success!  Often it’s verbal, and also written in email follow up reports.  Those written letters and words are the source of the testimonial columns on my website.

Some of my happy clients, due to the sensitive and personal nature of the work I do, won’t allow me to share their success publicly in any form.  That’s OK.  Sometimes they’ll give me permission to use their words, however we label the report “anonymous” or only use first name, or initials.  That’s OK, too.  They’re still allowing me to share their success!  I love that!

However, some people take it to the next level.  Sometimes, people are so pleased (and amazed) that they are willing to share their names, faces, and words in support of the success of Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy and Mindworks and document it with a video.

Here’s one of those happy clients.  Nicole MacNeil of Olympia, Washington, released negative emotion which had been in her for “a year and a half” in a single session.  Hypnosis works.  Nichole shares her experience below.

If you’d like to remove negative emotions, it’s easier than you think.

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