Talk to the Brain about what you Really Want

Disbelieve the negative suggestions fed to you every day.  I’m going to share a personal story today.  🙂  Medical stuff.  I had a cut on my “great toe” (big toe).  It got infected.  Not so great!!

I went to the doctor to check it out.  Man, that woman bombarded me with negative suggestions.  I have an ear for limiting beliefs and negative suggestions.  That’s my work.  This Doctor spewed one negative, damaging idea after the next.  Such as:  It may never heal.  Toes heal very slowly, if at all.  People take antibiotics and it still doesn’t heal.  We may need surgery to remove the toenail.  Your toe considers your toenail a foreign object.  She also suggested to me that the current state should be painful when I told her it wasn’t.

WOW!!  I’m listening to her, sitting in the examination room being bombarded with essentially a message called:  it won’t heal.  Is that a good message to hear from a doctor?  Hell, no.  If I took that on board, unconsciously, and believed it, then no, it wouldn’t heal.  Luckily,  I blocked her suggestions and fed in my own.

Of course it will heal.  And perfectly.  I used self hypnosis to focus my mind on healing that toe.  Guess what, a week later, and it’s perfectly healed.  And, of course the antibiotics helped!  (Contrary to the messages that Doc was TRYING — and failing — to feed me that even those wouldn’t help.).

Really, when I think about Doctors and their negative suggestions (telling your mind what to do and what SHOULD happen in a way that leads to a bad outcome) it’s frightening.   On the extreme end:  you have xx months/years to live.  If your mind takes that on board, you will die on schedule.  If there are such a thing as “evil hypnotists,” that’s doctors who unknowingly spew messages of illness, doom, gloom, dismemberment, and death.

Your body creates what you believe to be true.

Hypnosis is a way to “talk to the brain” and instruct it in what you really want.  I wanted a healthy toe.  I’ve got one.  Time to go for a walk.

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