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Feel More Alive – With Seattle’s Best Hypnosis – Mindworks Hypnosis

This video reminds me of my client yesterday.  She came in for a second session on anxiety release and reported to me her results from session one:  “I feel more alive.  I’m waking up each morning, feeling motivated.  I’m actually getting things done.”  This lady had a single Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy session with me a couple weeks ago, and already the people around her are commenting on how strikingly more “happy” she is.

That’s what hypnosis will do for you!  Skilled hypnosis, I mean.  My tool kit is full of true NLP expertise, and that leads to happy.

“Depression” and “Anxiety” are states of mind/body that can be altered.  Quicker than you can imagine. And you don’t need a prescription to do that.  My client told me she had cut her anxiety medication wayyyyy down (after discussing it with her medical professional, of course), on the road to eliminating it entirely.


Enjoy this cute video.

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